Quality assurance

Characteristics for selection and marketing

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Category I:

Good quality citrus present features which are typical of the variety and/or type they belong to. Slight defects may be allowed although they should not generally affect the quality, conservation and package presentation: slight defects in colouring, including dim sunburn, slight progressive skin defects which do not affect the flesh, light skin defects produced during the formation of the fruit, such as silver scurfs, russets or pest damage, slight healed defects due to mechanical cause such as hail damage, rubbing or dents due to handling.

Size tolerance:

Citrus fruit total tolerance of 10% by number or weight corresponding to the size immediately below and / or above to the one specified (or more than one size, in the case of the combination of three sizes) on the package, this 10% tolerance applies only to fruit with a calibre of less than 43 mm.

Product requirements:

  • Whole and free from damage and / or significant healed bruising,
  • Healthy, with the exception of products affected by rotting or other signs of deterioration making them unsuitable for consumption,
  • Clean, free from external visible marks,
  • Practically free from pests,
  • Free from damage caused by pests affecting the flesh,
  • Free from all signs of drying or dehydration,
  • Free from damage caused by low temperatures or frost,
  • Free from abnormal external moisture,
  • Free from any foreign smell and/or taste.
  • The development and status of the citrus fruit should enable them to: Withstand transport and manipulation and arrive in satisfactory condition at the place of destination.