Our quality system is based on continuous improvement and divided into 14 properly structured sections:

  1. Production process scheme.
  2. Plague control. Extermination of insect and rats anddisinfection.
  3. Cleaning and Disinfection.
  4. Formation and control of manipulators.
  5. Water monitoring.
  6. Preventive Maintenance.
  7. Supplier control.
  8. Traceability control.
  9. Waste management.
  10. Control of Maximum Waste Limits.
  11. Management of glass and foreign bodies.
  12. Product quality control.
  13. Crisis management, Product withdrawal and recall.
  14. Food Defence.


Which can be summarized in the compliance with 4 basic aspects:

Food safety. It is our priority. We perform analytical tests at independent laboratories in order to verify that the product we purchase meets our requirements.

HACCP. Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points. It is a system that studies the dangers that exist during the production process that we develop, and where control points and critical points are identified and preventive measures for their control are established.

Traceability. We have a bidirectional traceability system which allows us to monitor where the products come and go at all times. In a very short time we can locate the farmer who has grown the product we sell, and at the same time find which supermarkets the merchandise has gone to.

Quality Control. We have a team of technicians who perform quality controls throughout the process, from origin to destination. We are located in the different production areas and we frequently review the work done in the field where the lemons are grown as well as in the warehouse. In this way we make sure that a product that is sent from our company complies with regulatory requirements and other demanding further agreed norms arranged with many of our clients.

A lemon produced by Hijos de Alberto del Cerro S.L is a CONTROLLED and SAFE product, suitable for commercialization anywhere in the world.