Operational Commitments

  1. CULTURE OF SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT, combining respect for the environment, promoting social progress and welfare allowing additional added value to the quality of our product.
  2. Being a point of reference for FOOD AND ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY AND SAFETY within the citrus fruit and vegetable sector in particular and in general.
  3. COMPLIANCE WITH LAWS, regulations and applicable rules and other requirements to which the organization subscribes, especially in matters of food safety and environment, obtaining a safe product for the consumer.
  4. Integrated Management System capable of achieving BUSINESS EXCELLENCE regarding quality, environment, labour and food safety and social responsibility.
  5. Commitment to continuous improvement of the Management System
  6. Establishing objectives and goals ASSOCIATED to quality, FOOD SAFETY and environmental protection in line with a commitment to continuous improvement
  7. Avoid or reduce potential environmental impacts
  8. Implement permanent training activities, awareness and motivation regarding environmental and quality education, including activities on the safe handling of food and other products as well as on ethics and professional responsibility to all employees.
  9. Communication about our actions in terms of quality, food, work safety, environment and social responsibility.