Years of experience

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Hijos de Alberto del Cerro started the marketing of citrus fruits in 1985 with the ALEN brand, primarily aimed as product sales to the French market. During 1991 and after the registration of the trademark TYLER, the commercialization of the product increased in the French, German and Belgian market.

Lemon_processing-fabricaDuring the last few years and due to our concern to keep customer services throughout the year, the marketing of products from other markets such as Argentina, Chile and Uruguay was expanded. This has given us the power to ensure the provision of product to our customers 365 days a year.

Also since 2008 and up to present day, Hijos de Alberto del Cerro sl, has undertaken a clear commitment to make not just a product constantly available, but also to provide a product that guarantees the highest standards of food safety throughout the year. For this purpose we have worked together with different types of citrus producers to obtain citrus fruits with NO POST-HARVEST TREATMENT, environmentally friendlier and also safer. This trend marks our current business strategy.